Climb portal scaling + strava

i’m curious about the rules around portal scaling and strava segments. i’ve noticed on the strava leaderboards for some of the climbs that the riders are clearly nabbing top times on scaled down percentages. for instance, if you look at the Puy de Dome leading time, the ride profile shows the climb has been done twice, with the second time scaled down by elevation (and a massive improvement in time/speed).

an earlier forum post suggests that rides are not eligible for Strava leaderboards when portal climbs are scaled down. but this seems like it’s not foolproof and there’s some leakiness here. anyone else noticed this? is this a change in Zwift policy? fwiw, i have no illusions of reaching a leaderboard — i just have a weird pet hobby of understanding how Zwift + Strava integrate.

Are you looking at the descent?

Oh nevermind, I see how the graph has less elevation the 2nd time. I was just looking at the segment descriptions

That’s definitely the case now - I’ve got a double ascent of Cipressa (at 100% and then 75%) which shows a similar scaling down of the second climb attempt. Both ascent efforts are under the “excluded efforts” section:

No idea how that one is showing under the segments if it’s (as it appears to be) done on a scaled elevation; I suspect it’s something gone wonky with Strava’s flagging mechanism.

Did they do 125% then 100%? I’m not familiar enough with that climb to see which one matches the actual elevation. *Edit. Nevermind, looks like 75% and 50% from the profile. Something is wrong here.

Only the lower scales are meant to be hidden from the strava leaderboards.

the puy de dome is 3000 ft of climbing from sea level. the second elevation profile shows 1500ft, so i don’t think so.

this might be a bug when doing multiple laps of the same climb but starting off with 100% so it gets included in strava, but somehow doesn’t exclude laps 2, 3, etc…?

unless has something changed recently to affect this as I did just this the other month and it was excluded from strava, did 100% then 75% then 50%

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