Climb Portal and Strava

I certainly missed this, so posting for others.

It appears all the Strava segments for the climb portal are achievable only through the France route and not Watopia. Looks like another jaunt up the Col d’ Aspin for me!

Ride on!

I believe there are strava segments for both

You are exactly correct Rich - thank you. I went back and see them as well.

My activity on Strava is 9386954920 if someone wants to take a peek and offer why the segment may not have picked up.

It took a bit for ZwiftInsider to make the segments on Strava I believe and so your climb was probably done before ZwiftInsider had finished creating them. I think he said that he did the France ones first and then the Watopia ones…

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I seem to recall reading somewhere that if you change the activity type from Virtual Ride to something else, save it, and then change it back, Strava will occasionally pick up the Segments.

@_Ellie If you access your activity on the Strava website (NOT the app), in the lefthand column there’s a “…” button (next to the editing pencil) - click that and one of the options should be “Refresh Activity Achievements.” This should hopefully pick up the segment.

@illyanadmc @Dan_Kothlow @Kat Thank you all for the responses.

The box to change from virtual to something else and back was greyed out. I remember having to do that in the past to capture an update, but would not work this time. Could not change the activity type.

And the winner is…
The edit button in Strava and “Refresh Activity Achievements” solved the issue.

Appreciated you all took a moment to assist.