Climb portal not registering on zwift power

I rode a group ride for an hour and it registered on ZP, but afterwards, I signed up to the climb portal and continued to climb Cote do Trbiac, I went thourgh the starting gate and completed the climb, and then decended back out of the gate at the bottom but the ride didn’t register on Zwift Power? Any ideas why this would be? Feels like I pushed only to get no result feedback…

zwiftpower only shows group rides etc. doesn’t show your free rides

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Actually you can look in the “Activities” tab in your profile. There should/might be some limited data showing there. At least Robopacer rides show up there. You can also download the FIT file on that page if you have any other apps that could analyze it for you.


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Doh, I rarely do free rides, so that’s what’s thrown me…

Thanks, it does, it was the 5 &10 minute power I was looking for, but now I get it as I don’t do free rides so that’s why I thought something was wrong, so I’ll need to look out for group rides if/when they appear.

Yeah. No idea why ZP decided to have decidedly design different dataset views for activities vs events. Doesn’t make sense to me to hamstring functionality that’s already been built.