Clearer Route Directions

(Anthony Brookes) #1

When cycling around any of the courses using the ‘surprise me’ route option at the beginning of my ride, I’d love it if it were clearer which direction I needed to go to stay on a current route. For example I start cycling in Watopia and notice that the timer has kicked in at the top of the screen as I have started the ‘Hilly Loop’ without aiming to do that route initially. I like the idea of staying on the loop and seeing what time I’ll get but when the turning options appear I don’t know which I need to take to stay on that route and allowing Zwift to make the decision for me often turns me off the loop. If there was a way to make this clearer I think this would be a really useful addition?

(Andre Hufschmid) #2

Well the course name says it already, “surprise me”. This is a random ride and will not follow any specific routes. When coming up to an intersection you’re always free to adjust the suggested way. If you want to ride a specific route select it in the course selection or make yourself familiar with the map. After awhile it will be pretty easy for you to know where to go. I do agree you need to get used to the way icons appearing which can be misleading or not quite clear. I think Zwift could do something on that line.

(John Cole) #3

Anthony is absolutely right. Zwift needs dynamic route selection. Many times I’ve wanted to finish a climb or loop, after the timer has started, but I don’t know the turns (and frankly I don’t want to even think about the turns). Just allow me to change the route mid ride. Likewise I may decide that I want to ride with another rider that just started Zwifting and I spotted him or her on the map. Give me the option to join that rider.