How about having the ability to pre map out a route?

  I love the routes set on Watopia already, but would love to have the ability to customize my route without having to always use the arrows. This way riders would know exactly what is coming up, the course profile, and turn directions wouldn’t get in the way of intervals. I hope others see this as useful a tool as much as I do, as well as the team at Zwift.

-Liam Sky 

That would be excellent, especially as the map gets larger.

Yep, I second (or third) Liam’s idea about being able to plot out a cycle on Zwift. That would be a definite positive. 

It can be fiddly trying to choose a route direction in real time, especially as I’m almost always on rollers and not a particularly adept bike handler. 

Yep, I can see the benefit of laying out your preferred route beforehand - Up-voted :slight_smile:

This would be great!


Yea, like don’t put me on London loop and then screw me out of recording a time because I didn’t go left or right at mile 5 when i was dying

Agree, a Zwift RideWithGPS style ability to create a route, ideally with a self-selected spawning point would be an excellent addition.

Would certainly help with the crowding at the main spawning points.

Would like to add/save these as private or public routes as well as with rGPS.