Mapping your own routes

It would be good if you could pre-plan a route through one of the zwift lands, then just start riding and not have to worry about hitting the left right straight on arrow keys, plus you could map a specified distance you want to ride.

A search feature for others who are within your local area using zwift, i dont mean area as on the current map but where you live, it can take the social from zwift to the real world by getting to know others via zwift, helps people get together outside also.

Chat made a bit easier on the platform click a button to join in and chat or just listen as you ride.

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Do like the search part indeed. Would be cool to search for people living in the same city. 

I agree - it would be great to be able to plan a route before you ride … and I’d like to suggest another feature: when you ride your route you can see yourself as a ghost rider from your previous best time on that route … and race yourself!

I like the default route options, but it would be really great to have the ability to plan your own route as well. You could have the option for your avatar to automatically follow the route OR just have on-screen turn cues and you have to manually turn. That would help keep your mind engaged a little better while riding indoors!