Class downgrade

I Have been upgraded on Class B I can I still ride on Class C ?

I assume you are talking about racing. If you set some new PRs and your power is above the C category maximum, you can’t race in C anymore. If this happened accidentally, such as by lowering your weight in a free ride, or a trainer malfunction, that can be corrected by contacting support.

You can see the category boundaries on this page:

You can see your PRs and zFTP/zMAP values on

Let me know if you have any questions

Thank you fir the reply. I still have an issue
My Weight is set at 80kg
My FTP is 211 W
Being on class B mean I am riding at 250 W average…I wich that will be te case :wink:
I do not have this issue on other applications (Rouvy, Bkool) Is there a way to calibrate my HT with ZWIFT ?

Your FTP and your zFTP are not the same thing. You can see your zFTP and zMAP on If you want to post screenshots of that information, and the list of PRs underneath it, I would be happy to help you understand it. This is private info so it’s your choice if you want to share it.

You can get upgraded either due to zFTP or zMAP W/kg being above the category minimum. It’s very likely that one of them is above the C category limit. If you ever lowered your weight in the game on any ride (not just a race) or shared your account with someone who did that, or shared your account with a stronger rider, those are also common reasons why people get upgraded.

Yes this is haat happened, the weight has neen chaneg for one ride dwon to 53gk. Since then I have putted back to 80kg. therefoer the catégory is not the right one.
Can the ZWIFT support set my category back to C or D or should I wait for the next 60days ?

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Great, that’s the explanation. You can write to and explain what happened. They have the ability to fix it. Good luck and I hope to see you in the C races.

Ok. Thank you Paul. I will do so and contact the ZWIFT team.