Chose Accelerate to Elevate but ended up on a different route

Hello guys,

to start off I‘m fairly new to zwift an might not understand some basics.

Yesterday I picked Accelerate to Elevate in order to do a little bit of climbing but it appears I ended up somewhere else as the route of the recorded ride is way different and I was nowhere near the 1100+m altitude. Also zwift never showed that I finished the route (surpassing the 42km by far) nor did I get the badge (which makes sense I guess as I wasn‘t actually on the right track).

Can you tell me what went wrong here? I dont want to spend another 90mins waiting for a mountain that will never come.

Here‘s a screenshot of the recording, where dou can see in the automatic naming that I picked Accelerate to Elevate:

You need to be level 10 or higher to do that route. Could that have been the problem?


That could be it! I‘m only on level 6 or 7.

I just checked and I can‘t find any indicator that it‘s only possible from a certain level upwards. Also weird that I am able start the ride nonetheless but would just get a different route.

Yes, the flagging of this level requirement is poor and you’d expect it not to let you pick the route in the first place. You’re far from the first person to be affected like this.

Not many routes are level-locked. There’s a handy guide with a column of level requirements at Complete Master List of All Zwift Course Routes | Zwift Insider


Okay thanks for reassuring. Definitely a weird functionality of restrictions. Thanks for the link aswell I‘ll check it out :raised_hands: