Accelerate to Elevate finish bug

Accelerate to Elevate route seems to have a bug of where it thinks the finish is. While riding it today is showed that at 41.2 km that was the finish but it was actually another 2.26km to the end or summit.

It looks like this was an event with a custom finish set before the end of the route.

I chose it for a club event from the available routes listed on the companion app. Please see the attached photo. Distance is correct for where it showed the finish on the ride but the map shows the end at the summit.

That sounds like a bug then. Club events should not have custom finishes.

Looking at your ZCA activity report it looks like the setup put you in the Fuego Flats pens:


And not at the official route start:

The finish line must be then based on 41.3km from the wrong starting point ?

I didn’t do anything other than use the route available to me in the companion app setting up the group ride.

I can offer the strava link to the ride

Aside from that I don’t know what else I could offer. If the route is indeed supposed to end at the summit then it’s a bug posting a club ride on that route.

This would be correct; and where Zwift’s own maps and others are a bit… confusing.
Most routes rely on an arch as a starting point (there are a handful of exceptions).

What I’m wondering though is, has anyone else done the route and see it complete at the top of ADZ? (I haven’t yet, but I presume it would complete correctly at top of ADZ)

Did the route as a Club route decide instead to switch it to “distance based ride” instead of lap based for some reason? Which, I think we can all here agree that is exactly what it did. Which certainly would be a “bug” (Or does it do this for all of them, and they’re just placed accurately, with the lead-in combined?)

I wouldn’t be totally surprised by any of this, as this is probably also why looking at route information on somewhere like Insider, states the wrong distances (sometimes by significant margins) on things like lead-ins in particular; if it’s pulling data from Zwift themselves, who have definitely proven to not give accurate data sometimes, especially when it comes to their own maps.

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Yes and yes :+1:

Worked fine for me, as a free ride

When you create a club event you need to select Laps and not Distance.

Good day, because this course is point to point this is not an option. However you made me realize for next time I can correct the distance manually as that’s an option. Please see screenshot below.

I did this route today and had a separate bug issue which I’ve reported but I didn’t have the route completed in game on Zwift when looking at my completed routes/badges tab ‘but’ on my phone companion app it is showing done!