Suggestions on Christmas Eve

Here are a few thoughts, hopefully I am not having any elderly moments with these…

  1. The route distances always seem to be very far off of what is listed as the distance and elevation. The new jungle route, the beach route, they are just very different from what you sign up for. Just seems to me the route distance to finish should be the exact distance listed simply for a time management perspective.
  2. It would be nice when signed up for an event if your mileage could communicate to Strava, many times those miles are “lost”. Hopefully I am not doing something wrong. I will ride a few miles before “switching worlds to my event”, but those miles dont make it to Strava.
  3. The new jungle route is beautiful. Love it. I would ride it more if I didn’t have to switch bikes.
  4. I generally come away from zwift feeling like it is just a little faster than real life. I like riding fast, dont get me wrong, but at times i just feel as though i wish it was closer in difficulty to reality.

I love Zwift. Thank you for the remarkable creativity and excellence associated with the platform.
Chris Kaczmar

I find the same problem with the distance as well. I signed up for a 29.6 but I went past 30 without a finish line.

Thoughts on your comments:

  1. The route distances and elevations are all correct. I think what you are missing is that a number of the routes have lead-in that you have to ride before you get to the actual route. (The route is the section of road that will be repeated again and again if you make no manual turns. the lead-in is only covered once per ride, from the spawn point. All routes that I can think of, except for the Mega Pretzel, start and end at a banner or arch, so keep that in mind. In the case of the new jungle route - Serpentine 8 - for example, the lead-in is from the spawn point to the first time you pass under the arch at the bottom of the jungle, around 4.5 miles.)
  2. Zwift does send your complete ride mileage to Strava, if you have it set up. I have never had an issue with this. Is it possible that you are not connected to the internet at the end of some of your rides? Also, if you start in one world and ride some distance before changing to an event, that initial ride should record as a separate ride in Zwift and Strava, as long is it meets the minimum distance requirement.
  3. You don’t have to switch bikes for the jungle. You can ride whatever bike you’d like through there. It might be faster to change to the MTB, but you don’t have to.
  4. What is your set up? It’s certainly possible that Zwift could seem a little faster. For a start, there is no wind. Second, there are generally lots of other riders around, so you might be getting more draft than you would IRL. Third, it’s possible that whatever you are using to transmit your power to Zwift isn’t quite the same as the power you’re putting out IRL. You might try doing a spindown test and see if anything changes.

Have fun!