Accurate distance on Zwift or not

Accurate distance on Zwift or not
Is the distance reported by Zwift (and also reported back to Strava) somewhat accurate. I know speed is not but I care more to keep track of the distance I’ve completed during a year.

If not accurate, what can I do to make it accurate e.g buy a bicycle GPS and speed sensor?,

the reason why I prefer distance is to keep an overall view on how many km’s I did in a year. I’m keeping that already for years and it provides me some level of trust I’m better or worse prepared then the year before. Of course I know this is not to be used for monitoring my physical strength.

The answer is it depends.

If you ride a mtb on the road IRL but a super nice bike on Zwift then there will be a big difference.

If your IRL roads as old and bad then it will be slower IRL vs Zwift that have perfect smooth roads.

IF you ride alone IRL but in big groups in Zwift then it will be inaccurate.

If speed doesn’t seem accurate for you then distance isn’t either.

My CdA is much better in Zwift than in reality.

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Speed = Distance / Time


Distance = Speed × Time

Assuming Zwift time is accurate, I hope you can reach the conclusion without further assistance.

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somewhat accurate but i’d say somewhat inflated to outdoors riding.

Some of that might just be zwift but in zwift world you are riding in perfect conditions. no wind, no stop lights, no potholes to avoid etc.