Preparing for hills: distance

I’m preparing (through Zwift) for a climb in the Pyrenees in month of June. In our team, we always compare using distances. Person A has already driven 500km, person B already 1300km. As such pretty useless in my view but it’s just the way we compare.

As I’m preparing though Zwift mainly, I wanted to know how the distance as reported by Zwift compares to a distance in real life.

Is it accurate at all?


I would guess that the distance is pretty close, but there is no wind within Zwift along with cars, stop signs and other factors. That is why distance is meaningless and power and time should be the focus.

Hi Wim - Zwift factors in your height/weight/in game bike/drafting/hills/etc. to create an algorithm that ends up being very close to real life and you should feel pretty confident in knowing that your in game km are just as hard earned as your outside km.  Have fun in the Pyrenees!