Zwift biker slow on hills

When I ride in Zwift why is the avatar going up hills at 1 mph when I pedal 15 mph? I see others going much faster. And some also going way slow.

Your bike’s rear wheel speed on your trainer doesn’t directly correlate with your avatar’s speed in Zwift.

See this thread for more info - How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?


bcos hills take a lot more power to go at 15mph than flats (:

Thanks. That don’t help me though. I just want it to be close to accurate up and down hill based on how much I’m pedaling. I know it’s a game but I’m wanting miles and speed to be like what my bike says. I go 1 mild for real yet Zwift can say I’ve gone 1.5 miles because of downhill going way faster etc.

I guess is there an app that keeps a history of each workout for speed, time and distance? Zwift isn’t even close to accurate as it’s a game. But it’s fun.

You can not compare the distance you travel within Zwift to what a bike computer or other app is showing, they don’t know about the in game variables. Please read the link above. Speed within Zwift is primarily based on power.


Right. Zwift is a game so there’s a difference.

What apps are there to keep a record?

Please read the post linked above it will explain how Zwift calculate in game speed based on power/wheel speed resistance curve.

I dont understand the question.

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Tell us about your setup. If you’re going uphill at 1mph then either you are pedalling very gently (and hence producing very low power) or there’s something wrong with your setup.

Zwift is a game, yes. But going uphill at a certain gradient in Zwift requires roughly the same sort of power to go at a certain speed as it would in real life, if you have a good setup.


I’ve used a Sole R92 and LCR.

I was asking about apps to record workouts and keep a record/history. Zwift don’t have the actual mileage etc that I pedal. As it’s a game it’s different. But Zwift is fun.

I’m considering getting the Keiser M3i. I’m not keeping the Sole LCR. The wheel is terrible as is the R92.

I don’t think it is compatible with Zwift. Can you confirm that it broadcast power over Blutooth or ANT+

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It’s listed on zwifts compatible list. It has a power converter.
I’m also considering the Matrix ICR50 which is also on the Zwift compatible list.

What is your current setup?

If your trainer is not making adjustments to resistance based on changes in terrain (particular going up and down hill) then you will get the effect you quote. When Zwift’s map is going uphill … if you trainer makes no adjustment to resistance and you keep pedalling the same way then your avatar will slow down, and the bigger the gradient in Zwift, the more your avatar will slow down.

Using a smart trainer means that when going uphill the resistance on the trainer automatically increases to simulate the gradient, so you have to increase your power output to keep pedalling at the same rate, so will not slow down as much (although you will still likely slow down a bit going uphill, just like in real life).

Zwift’s distance measurement takes all those gradient changes into account, any other way of measuring your distance (such as a bike computer) will not and, in reality, both are correct if you are on a non-smart trainer and not changing resistance to suit the terrain.

Zwift’s measure of distance is correct based on the power you have applied to (and therefore the speed you have ridden on) the specific course profile, while your computer’s measure of distance is correct based on a simple measure of the time you have ridden at a particular power (and therefore the speed of your back wheel on the trainer).

Your bike computer is measuring distance based on the speed of your back wheel on the roller (or a speed sensor), Zwift is measuring distance based on your power output as applied to the specific terrain you are riding.

You are correct, just remember that it look like it does not come with the M series converter

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Yep. I’m aware Zwift isn’t accurate to how much I pedal.

I’d get the converter of course with the Keiser. But I’m not sure I will considering if I return it it’s $400 roughly which is insane.

Zwift is actually very accurate if you use a good power meter/trainer to simulate indoor and out door. I find that I can almost do the same outside as I can inside. The only difference id there is no big groups to draft off outside like in Zwift.


FYI you don’t need a separate converter any more. The new Keiser computers have built in blue tooth.