Zwift newbie Distance covered query

(John Wilkins) #1

I’ve just started using my kickr with Zwift, done a few hour rides covering distances similar to those I manage on the road. Tonight I started the Gran Fondo training plan and managed 12 miles in 50 mins which doesn’t seem very accurate to me. Any thoughts? Thanks

(Paul Allen) #2

Ok, I should save this somewhere so I don’t need to keep typing it.

Speed within Zwift is determined by your watts, the weight you entered, ingame bike used, in game drafting and in game virtual elevation changes.

Highly unlikely you are riding the same elevation changes within Zwift and IRL.

(John Wilkins) #3

This doesn’t explain the fact that the first few rides resulted in realistic distances but the fondo ride didn’t amount to as many. I did ride an FTP before the fondo, does this have any bearing?


(Paul Allen) #4

Did the Fondo have lots of climbs in it?

(John Wilkins) #5

Quite a few

(Paul Allen) #6

That is why the distance was less. Please reread my earlier post on how speed (and therefor distance) within Zwift is calculated

(John Wilkins) #7

Ok makes sense, thanks Paul. Should have clicked straightaway as I don’t recall being terribly quick when I rode a few Cols in the Pyrenees last year either… Being passed by a few virtual riders made me feel slower too I guess.

Thanks again.