Is milles logged suppposed to be less than real life?

Hi all, 

New to zwift. Just wanted to check on this miles discrepancy I’m having. On my first few workouts, it’s showing the miles ridden at about 70% of my normal miles per hour that I go in real life. i.e. I usually average 15 miles per hour on a casual ride in real life and on zwift, that average is way lower with what seems like a harder workout than my casual real life rides,  I’m wondering if it’s a game wide issue or just the trainer I’m using or “dumb” trainers in general I’m on o giant cyclotron fluid comp trainer using garmin speed and cadence with Ant+.

Most of the rides were on the Richmond course if that matters.

Feedback if you have any!



You slow down going up virtual elevation changes within Zwift, so that will more than likely account for the difference in miles. Unless you are trying to compare riding the real Richmond course to the virtual Zwift course you cannot really compare Zwift rides with IRL rides.

Its more about watts over time within Zwift