Choppy graphics when lots of riders

I’m finding that Zwift is stuttering and lagging a lot when there are lots of riders around i.e. group rides / races. It’s fine if its only 10 or 20 but after that it seems the fps is down to about 2.

I assume this is a graphics card issue. I currently have an Nvidia GT 720 which I’m upgrading. However, it did occur to me it might be something else, e.g. network (I’m in the garage - although seems OK) or the CPU - it’s an old PC, although fairly hi-spec.

I guess I’ll find out when the new graphics card arrives. But any input in the meantime would be appreciated.

Noticing this today in a large group ride (but no larger than normal) across all platforms. Crazy!

Go to and drop your log file in there. Your average FPS should be around 20FPS.
Sound like a GPU issue.

On Mink’s Centurians ride yesterday it was definitely not FPS as the issue affected everyone on the ride, and at the same place each lap. Definitely a Zwift issue.

Just did this: getting 4 FPS during big group rides! Hopefully new (old) GPU will arrive tomorrow so can give this a go. Nvidia GTX750 Ti - still stacks up OK…

Also really hard to modulate the watts when on screen you’re off the front but your apparently in 30th position because of the delay?!
Possibly why I’ve put out more watts in the last few races I’ve done - must have looked like a lunatic going up and down the pack!

New graphics card up and running. Group workout today - on 1080 and smooth as…

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That is good news.

what did you get.

Nvidia GTX 750 Ti - Few years old but wa about the only reasonably high end card I could find that would run on my 2007 PC.

Also used some settings mentioned here:

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