Low FPS on 970GTX for both Lowest settings and 4K settings

Windows 10, 970GTX

Got always the same ~20FPS. Even for the lowest zwift settings. But same for 4k ultra.

Here are 2 screenshots one of the lowest settings another with highest 


there is CPU usage also displayed and it is 40%, to show that CPU is Ok too.

Here are links for full resolutions screenshots, because on the above pictures you can see nothing…





I don’t have hardware to run 4K, but the changes I did to my settings increased my frame rate so may apply to you…I have a Windows 10 PC with a 1GB GTX 750 and was running at 720 high to suit a TV I use as a screen.

Initially I was getting 60fps on default settings.

By changing these Nvidia video card settings I got to 80fps

i) Set PhysX processor to actual video card not “Autoselect”

ii) Under “Global Settings” turn off Vertical Sync

By Changing these Windows settings I got to 96fps

i) In Control Panel/System/Advanced/Performance/Settings/Visual Effects… Tick the button that says “Adjust for best performance”

ii) In Control Panel/System/Advanced/Performance/Settings/Advanced… Set “Virtual Memory” to “Custom” with minimum and maximum the same size as the “Recommended” size it states for your PC

All this can help when your hardware is low to run high settings.

But when you got 20FPS at lowest zwift settings on 970GTX it is strange.

By the way i riding in 4k Ultra mode always, with same 20FPS without problems, so it seems that the problem is not in these little optimizations settings. Seems like there is another bottleneck maybe in zwift…

The CPU and GPU usage is less than 40% while zwift running, so it seems zwift can`t utilize all hardware? 

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Like Trent, I’m wondering whether your Zwift display is using the CPU’s on board graphics instead of the 970.


I’m not sure what is going on in your case, but I suspect it’s the older processor you are using that is ending up as the bottleneck.  On average, Zwift users with 970 GTX’s run at 73fps.   Zwift primarily runs on one thread, but your graphics driver is probably working on another core and I’d guess they are each waiting for each other throughout the frame?   Hard to say without having that setup to performance test on.

>On average, Zwift users with 970 GTX’s run at 73fps

Yep, i saw that on zwiftalizer

>but I suspect it’s the older processor you are using that is ending up as the bottleneck

Me too, no other reason it seems.

But why zwift can`t utilize even 1 thread to 100%, that is what strange?

By the way it seems that i found the most Utilizing CPU thing in game — riders list at the right side, if i turns it off got +20FPS immediately. Maybe the tech team can look where to optimize it, because it seems that for such old CPUs it is the bottleneck. I try to make some screens. Maybe you can calculate it on GPU… Or made this much faster somehow. Maybe there is a bug :wink: in last versions in that pannel. Of course i understand that CPU is 10years old, but 3.5MHz is 3.5MHz

By the way the quality (visualization) of riders list is the same for  4k settings and the lowest  settings.

P.S. Ill update this post, when upgrade to some new cpu. The newest 8th  gen intel 8100 seems really good for its price. :wink:

Here it is — 50% FPS gain while no Riders list.

And again same FPS for the lowest settings and highest, this is why i mainly think that CPU is bottleneck too.






P.S. no riders list actually means NO RIDERS on map -). So this is not only list but the All calculations related to other riders!!! And while there are tons of riders now, it is the main CPU load. Ahhh i understand now why CPU becomes important too for zwift! But the only question is why zwift still can`t utilize 100 even of 1 core