Choosing Resistance on an Elite Mag roller

(Ricardo Cordeiro) #1


I’m using a very basic Elite Mag Roler with 5 resistance levels.

When on number 2, I road the Island full circuit at an average 411w with average 157bpm and max 170bpm.

My last/best 20min power test on the road uphill with a Power2Max gave me an average of 331W with an average 166bpm and max 178bpm.

I’m obviously fooling my self (and others) on the Island.

Resistance 2 on the roller feels like riding flat, number 3 already feels up-hill.

I will try riding on resistance 3 and check the power levels, although I think this time they will be lower then normal.

Any Ideas on other ways to “calibrate”?


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Ricardo,

Are you using Rollers? Or are you using the Elastogel Turbo Trainer as indicated in your ZenDesk ticket?

(Ricardo Cordeiro) #3

Hi Eric,

Sorry I meant trainner.

(Ricardo Cordeiro) #4

Eric just got an answer from Jon.


It was on your list.


My turbo trainer only says mag I’m not sure is a speed, power or force.


Either way all are listed as L3.

that will be tough;))


thanks for the prompt feedback





(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

Okay, sounds good Ricardo! :slight_smile: