Elite airon mag roler

Hola buenas tengo rodillo elite arion mag de 3 rulos y tengo sensor de velocidad y cadencia y no me deja pasar de 400watios hay alguna manera de pasar de estos watios ya que tiene 3 tipos de resistencias e igualarlo con otro rodillo de otra marca o semejante.

Gracias un saludo

No sorry, these trainers is capped at 400w.

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Hey Gerrie, i have the same roller , elite arion mag roller. Does it work ok with zwift? How do I set it up to be efficient? I do have 2 settings of resistance that can be used. One is almost like the road and the other setting is stiffer up to 600 watts. Just trying to understand how this could or can’t work. Thanks


Anyone have a real curve power of Arion Mag with powermeter ??
For me Elite stock curve are optimiste under 250/300W.

I use force 1 and played with Tacx Blue Motion curve
It’s feel good, near road about speed in game vs effort but i have less power than Elite curve and i would like know if it’s right.

FTP = 267W with this setup, with elite curve it will be 300W.
Minoura RDA2429-R L-L match perfectly less 400W.