Not great on first impressions

I have an Elite Super Crono power mag classic trainer, I noticed in the setup it says to ride on resistance level 3, I would normally ride on setting 1 at a high cadence and speed, this recommendation would be like riding up a never ending hill, which would put me at a disadvantage to other riders, I also feel this would be demotivating. I tried riding on setting 1 but I found I was exhaling on the decent when I shouldn’t have been! This gave me a stitch after an hour which I never get. I tried without Zwift and found I am much more in a controlled zone and can concentrate on my breathing better without all the distractions. Maybe this only works with a top end Smart Trainer, but then for that money it would be better spent on a new bike.

Hi Steve.  I think part of the issue here is that the Super Crono on level 3 at Zwift HQ actually feels like flat road, whereas yours might not.  In general we pick the magnetic setting that spins the roller at 20mph at 200watts of input. Level 3 was it for our copy of the Super Crono.

The problem with mag trainers is that the adjuster mechanism seems very prone to inaccuracies - we’ve noticed a 200-300 watt difference on some units just depending how you bend the cable to the adjuster (ie, mounted on your handlebars vs laying flat on the ground).

Pick the resistance level that feels like flat road, and thats the one we want you to use.

Thanks for the reply, I normally leave the adjuster flat on the ground,  but I’ll try matching the resistance level to 20mph & 200 watts on a flat road in zwift.