Chinese Ant+ USB Sticks

Hello, has anyone used those chinese ANT+ USB sticks from aliexpress? I want to buy one (,searchweb201644_5,searchweb201560_6) and pair it with Garmin speed/cadence sensor but I can’t find any information if it will work. If there is someone who used it please tell me.

I bought one that looks just like that off of ebay (seller located in Hong Kong) and it works with the Garmin GSC-10 along with the Garmin HRM that I have. Even though the description doesn’t mention the GSC-10 being compatible I figured I’m only out $12 bucks but it does work. 

Thanks for fast reply, that’s what I wanted to read.

We have a few of those at ZwiftHQ and the antenna is much worse than the USB-M garmin stick, but if you don’t have a lot of interference in your training area and use a usb extension it’ll probably work fine. 

Thanks for the additional information Jon.  I had my laptop right next to me when I tested it out last night for all of 8 minutes.  Good to know that if I do run into problems then a usb extension is a quick fix. 

I bought one from e-bay and have a 6 ft USB extension. I have it mounted close to the BB and it has been flawless with a Tacx Vortex, Mio HR wriststrap and CycleOps Powertap. It also worked with my GCS-10 but I stopped using the GCS-10 for obvious reasons.