alien PC and ant+ issues

Just switched to an Alien Alpha gaming PC for a better experience and found that it interferes with all Ant+ signals, even from my Stage Pm to my Garmin 510 head unit. Anyone got  suggestions  or had similar experience?


If the garmin can’t even read the stages then are you sure it’s not the Stages battery getting weak?  If you power down the Alpha does the garmin instantly pick up the stages?  

If you get it working on the garmin again, but can’t get it working on the Alpha I’d recommend a 6 or 10 foot USB extension cable for the dongle to get it away from electronics and nearer to your power meter. They can be had for cheap online.

Are you using a wireless keyboard with it ? 

If so that might be the problem.

Thanks Stuart and Jon for replies . I’m running a wired keyboard and a wireless MS mouse.

I found that my Garmin picks up the signal from my Stages as soon as I power down the Alien Alpha PC. Which leads me to believe it’s something the Alien is putting out that’s affecting the signal. I’ve been running a 3 year old HP laptop with the same Ant+ stick for 2 years without issue and never even needed a USB extension, so this is definitely a new problem associated with the Alien. I’ve just ordered a 6 ft USB extension of Amazon to see if this helps. I’ve even re-calibrated the Stages and the Garmin twice to see if that changed anything. (Stages battery is good)

Zwift has been working ok using my old HP laptop which unfortunately doesn’t have the Ram or graphics card to make Zwift a smooth experience - hence the upgrade.

As soon as I’ve got the USB extention I’ll post an update

I’m planning on upgrading to the alpha soon so I’m keen to see your findings. Last resort, use the new Bluetooth beta mode if you have an iOS device. The stages outputs Bluetooth and ant simultaneously. For me this has given a much better connection. Garmin unit wouldn’t work obviously. Out of interest did you try unplugging the wireless mouse ?

The USB extension will solve your problem.  My Ant+ stick was continually dropping the signal when plugged in directly to a USB port on my old macbook pro.  I got a USB extension, zip tied the end to the base of my KICKR trainer and never had another drop.