Cheap Zwift setup with spin bike

I’m new to this and looking to get into Zwift without spending a fortune.

I no longer have a bike to use so I will need to get another. I’m considering getting a spin bike as they last a lot longer, don’t need much servicing, and I don’t plan to ride outdoors.

  1. What’s the cheapest way to get a spin bike to work with Zwift? Do I just need a power meter and I’m good to go? I’m considering getting the Favero Assioma Uno, which transmits the power data from a single pedal. Is that ok for Zwift or will that cause inconsistencies in the ride?

  2. Will any spin bike do? Seeing as spin bikes have unlimited tension does it matter on the flywheel weight? Is it better to have lighter or heaver flywheel or makes no difference?

Thanks in advance

  1. The Favero Assioma plus any type of bike that fits you (and accepts standard pedal threads) will meet the requirements.

  2. I don’t have any insight on different types of spin bikes.

Many of us find a heart rate monitor helpful as well. One of the most popular brands is Wahoo. But a heart rate monitor is not required.

You can get fixed gear (more common) or free wheel spin bikes. Even though free wheel is like a real bike but fixed gear on a spin bike will be more realistic since the flywheel has momentum. For fixed gear spin bikes, the bigger the flywheel is the more realistic it will be. With small flywheels, you won’t feel like you’re pedaling in a circular motion but rather more like an up-down-up-down motion.