Spinning Bike and Zwift

Hi ive got a spin bike already its a Livestrong LS9.91C and im wondering what would be the best way to get into the zwift world?

Ive been reading up about the powertap heart rate monitor and power pedals

How about the Avio PowerSense would that work?

What would give me the best experiance with the bike that i have?

Any advice would be great as im going to use it for weight loss and keep fit


I would suggest a used one-sided pedal power meter for price and accuracy. Plus, you can always switch them to any other bike.


You might want to check out 4iiii power meters: https://4iiii-innovations.myshopify.com/collections/power-meters/products/precision-powermeter

You can only get the Powertap PowerCall HRM on the second-hand market.

Thanks for the reply

I can get a Powertap HRM for £54 but read there a bit unreliable

What do u recommend ?

If you can find one it will be the cheapest way to get connected to Zwift.

If you are going to get a one-sided power meter like, I posted, you are going to have to do research on what will fit. You might want to contact manufactures.

I might get a Powertap hrm and see how i get on

Does £54 sound reasonable?

Best experience will obviously be a pedal or crank power meter. Avio is cheap but needs professional (?) installation. Not sure if it works with your spinning bike.

PowerCal HRM works quite well if you just want to use Zwift. It won’t work correctly with the training plans since it can’t produce a stable power output. (You can follow the plans but you won’t get any stars.) £54 is about what I paid for mine about a year ago when they were still on the market. Be sure you’re getting one that has the correct connectivity option that you need. (ANT+, BLE, or dual.)

Oh, one advangage of the PowerCal HRM is that you can use it with other activities and still Zwift. I wear mine at the gym on the spinning bike and at home on the rowing machine.

Installing a crank-based power meter on that bike is going to present problems. The Avio site says the Powersense will only work with Shimano Hollowtech cranks, and that’s not what’s on the bike. Cranks and bottom bracket parts from a regular bike won’t necessarily fit exercise bike frames like this one. A local bike shop should would be able to tell you by looking at it.

If you want power data, a more doable solution is a pedal-based power meter. Assuming that bike’s cranks take a normal 9/16" diameter pedal axle instead of a 1/2" pedal axle, that’d be possible. Again, a good bike tech should know which by looking at it.


Stages crank power sensors work great on a spin bike too as long as you match the bottom bracket. You can sometimes find them on ebay. They also sell them new, but they are about $549. I was lucky enough to find a Freemotion/Stages spin bike with ANT+ crank power meter on Craigslist for $200. It works great.

Thanks for the reply but how would I find out what the size of the bottom bracket?


A lot of times you can go online to find the parts diagram for the bike to see if it’s square taper, hollowtech or hollowtech II. You could also contact support for the bike and ask.

Here’s the currently available one, older models are on ebay occasionally.

Hi ive just found out that the pedal axel takes a 9/16 pedal

Here’s another post.

You need an ISIS bottom bracket and 170mm crank arms.

Here’s one on ebay for $149.

Bummer, here is what looks to be your crank axle/bottom bracket. Seems to be a square taper, so the Stages won’t work. Pedal option is best for your bike.


What budget pedals do u recommend? Sorry for all the questions I’m a newbie


Favero Assioma. Note that you need cycling shoes in order to click into these (true for all power pedals).

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Any feedback on using a chest strap for heart rate as a power source? I’m hoping for a way to use Zwift in hotel gyms so a power crank arm is not feasible (I don’t check luggage so I wouldn’t have tools to swap pedals or crank). TIA

Look into PowerCal HRM.

Search your local Craigslist for “Freemotion bike” look for an s11.6 - s11.9. It’s a spin bike made by the same company that makes the Stages studio bike and has a power meter. Often you can find them for $200-300.