Spinner + Android for Zwifting?

I have a spinner and use Android for my tablet. Anybody have any suggestions for converting a spinner for Zwifting on Androud?



What is spinner?
Spin bike? If so what make and model (links and pics could be helpful).

Need more details to better make suggestions and assist you.

Assuming “spinner” refers to a spin bike, then power meter pedals would probably be the way to go. Pwer is necessary in order to make your avatar move in Zwift. Most if not all spin bikes use standard pedal spindles, so you should be able to swap to Vectors, Assiomas, P2s, etc., without any issue.

As for cadence, I imagine it should not be too difficult to mount a cadence sensor.

HR is a no brainer.

I used a spin bike before with Zwift, the best way is what was already stated, install power pedals. But if you are buying them just for the spin bike, you’d be better off getting a trainer designed for Zwift, the cost of power pedals is around the cost of a wheel on trainer.

If you want to do it without it cost alot, try the heart rate/power strap that Zwift sells on their store, I’ve used those for over four years when riding outside when riding the bikes I haven’t installed power to, and it works fine. I’ve tried on Zwift with marginal success (not the best for sprints, but spinning on Zwift they work fine)

hello regarding the heart rate monitor is it this one POWERTAP POWERCAL HEART RATE POWER METER?

Yeah that’s the one, but be sure to read reviews on the net on its limitations. Also, since SRAM took over PowerTap a few months ago the PowerCal seems to be discontinued and out of stock everywhere, including the Zwift shop.

I see. Any other replacements that you could recommend?