Chat on Mac + Remote Mouse

My set up:
I’m using a Mac (macOS Sierra 10.12.3) with a Wahoo KICKR.   Communication is through ANT+ stick.

Problem statement:  I was not able to use chat because of proximity to my Mac and typing while riding is difficult

Solution: I installed “Remote Mouse” on my mac and iPad.  I’m able to mount my iPad on my handle bars and I connect bluetooth headphones and microphone to my iPad.   With “Remote Mouse”  connected to my Mac, I’m able single touch “M” on my iPad to start the chat and then dictate my message with voice.  I send with the message with a single return.

This set up allows me to continue to use my Mac with ANT+ and controls the chat functions with my iPad and use dictation.    Maybe this has been discussed but I haven’t seen this solution in my search.

Enjoy & Ride On!

Hi Charlie,

Since you are already using your iPad, I might suggest using the Zwift Mobile Link.The Mobile Link isn’t just for bluetooth pairing, you can use it for chatting and other social features.

Just pair the app over your home wifi by logging into the Mobile Link and Zwift on your computer at the same time. When you’d like to talk, you don’t need to press “m” on an emulated keyboard. Swipe to the second page of the Mobile Link and tap the “Group Text” button. And you want things to be even easier, just use voice typing, then press send. It’s very fast! 

TL;DR - 

  • Install the Zwift Mobile Link and Pair while on Zwift.
  • Swipe to the “Actions” page.
  • Tap “Group Text”.
  • Type or voice type your message, and hit send!

Simple, right? This wouldn’t affect your trainer in any way, since you’re paired through ANT+. Hope that helps!

Thank you for the response… I need some additional assistance:

  1. When I execute the mobile like I login
  2. This takes me to the PAIRED DEVICES page, I can either SKIP or JUST WATCH

First Question which do I select?

If I choose SKIP I get the warning "You will not be able to ride until you have paired a power or speed  sensor.

Are you sure you want to skip pairing?
BACK       OK

If I select OK  I get the START selection and I can choose to RIDE


My question is I thought group texts were only to people near me.  are the texts from the mobile app aligned with my avatar on my mac?