Chase Race with Category Enforcement

This event seems to suggest Cat Enforcement will be enabled. Last week’s events only permitted me to enter A, which is fine/correct for me, but this one doesn’t have any of the options open - A-D are all greyed out on my signup screen. Wassup?


Previously with autocat you always had to enter those races from WTRL website Zwift Chase Race - WTRL

In theory if they are now using Category enforcement there is no need for the WTRL signup page. @James_Zwift any ideas what is going on?

Will check in and confirm.

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These should be sorted today.

These were previously set up as restricted events, but our system doesn’t let us unrestricted events making them visible so they have to be created from scratch, which will happen later.

The event is still showing with all cats greyed out on the website events page. It’s fine on the app though, strangely enough.

I think I posted on that yesterday - We’re having to rebuild those events. I’ll check in an see if they got done.

Looking at the title of the event it looks like it should have been removed.

My point is that I can sign up via the app, but I’m unable to using the Web. If I sign up on the app, am I in the right event?

Yep, understood. There’s something funny going on.

Hi there,

You’re able to sign up within Zwift Companion because it is the rebuilt (correct) event listing. Please sign up there. The events with “DELETE” in their title have been removed. Anyone who signed up for that event through WTRL will receive an email today to let them know they’ll need to re-add themselves to the new events through Zwift. Registering through WTRL is no longer needed.




Best words I heard in a long time.


all that’s needed now is zwift to actually take control of the races and events and remove wtrl from the equation