Cant enter races on Companion App

I havent raced on Zwift for near 6 months but now when i go to join a race i cant as there is a ‘Triangle with an !’ over all the categories. Im usually a cat B racer but cant enter A, B, C or D??
I understand how cat enforcement works etc but dont understand why i cant enter any races at all with cat enforcement.
Thanks in advance!

have you done any events since you came back even free rides?

As cat enforcement should take into account any activity to categorise you.

Have you tried going for a free ride at a power you would expect to hold in a race for 3mins+?

This is info from Zwift.

“Anyone who doesn’t have any activity on Zwift within the previous 60 days can only race in category E. Category E is optional, and must be requested by the race organizer.”

I have not seen the symbol you are seeing but then I have activity within 60 days. Looking through Companion App it appears more and more CE races do not have the E category option so, with no recent activity, you are prohibited from entering any of the four other categories.

As suggested above do one ride and then the next day (possibly later in the same day) you will be able to enter CE races.

Alternatively try the non CE races of which there are still a few as I believe you can enter these with no recent activity.

It’s a bit daft even A would be blocked…

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