Changing bearings on trainer

Hi guys wonder if anyone can help. The drive side bearing on the trainer has gone. There’s two bearings on the top belt drive. The issue I have. I’ve gotten of the bearing out on the non drive side, but where the teeth are for the freehub they are in the way to make room for the drive side bearing. Is there a way to remove the teeth to change this bearing is it a replacement part for the whole thing?

Which trainer?

Zwift hub.

Hi @James_Lamb_E_Rhino welcome to Zwift forums.

Please contact Zwift Support.

Thanks I have also done this :slight_smile: was hoping was an easy fix as I have bearings here to put in :sob:.

When this happened to my Kickr Core, Wahoo told me that they’d give me 20% off a new trainer. Seriously, that’s what they told me.

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On the Tacx Neo the same problem is solved by using a special tool which can be bought online but you need to count the teeth and order one with the appropriate matching number of teeth. The tool is usually called a freehub lockring removal tool or something similar. DT Swiss sell the tools but they are very expensive so try eBay and Aliexpresss :+1:

That’s the issue here. The bearing it’s like a fraction to big to fit through the teeth, I didn’t know weather the teeth is press fit or it is screwed in ? But if you say neo is the same I might take a look down that avenue :slight_smile:

Those locking rings are screwed in, here’s removal tool for the Neo

Thanks Neil :slight_smile: will get onto that appreciate it thank you :muscle:t2:

That’s for a Neo, make sure it will fit your Hub.

Is that a 6003 bearing ? 35x17x10

The bearing on a Neo is a 6002 32x15x9 (smaller) and the locking ring holds it in, I suspect your locking ring might be bigger.

Yes that’s correct 6003, I’ll wait for a reply from them to see if they come back with an answer to move forward with a solution hopefully. I’ll keep looking around see if I can find the correct size.