Upgrades for Triban 100 for Zwift use

I have a Btwin Triban 100 that I would like to use with Zwift. Problem is, it’s a 1x7 (flywheel) flat bar bike.
I’m no bike mechanic but I would like to buy a Turbo Trainer line a Neo Tacs and use this bike with it.
I’m just not sure what components would I have to buy. This bike is not going to go outside anymore so if I dont need to change the wheels for the trainer… I’d rather not to.
Could someone give me a short list of the things needed ?
I looked at a 105 groupset but would I need the entire thing for this “conversion” ?
(was unable to find out what bottom bracket this bike has)


@Andrei_Ilinca welcome to Zwift forums.

Direct-drive trainers like the Tacx Neo are definitely very nice. It would be possible to put a 7 speed cassette on the Neo (with some additional spacers to take up the extra width of the 11 speed freehub body) and use your bike. That’s the only hardware you’d need to buy if you go with a direct drive trainer.

Another way to go is a wheel-on smart trainer. There’s no need to change the wheel, you’d just need to mount the bike to the trainer, and keep the tires inflated.

Either type of smart trainer broadcasts your power data and responds to the gradient changes in Zwift. You need not buy any additional sensor as long as the trainer broadcasts power, speed, and cadence data.

Thank you for the information.
That is great news :slight_smile:
When I looked at upgrades for this bike, I actually thought that I would have to change half the bike to make it more “usable” (in it’s current form, it’s good for flat roads with that 1x… anything else is a pain")
The Neo would be more of a long term “investment” for me and if I can get away with a small upgrade as the one mentioned by you for the bike, it would be even better.
I’ll ask my LBS to set up the cassette once I purchase it.
Upgrading components as I go gives me more time to digest the cost.