Items missing on tacx order

Hi everyone,

I’ve ordered a 2T and apparently they forgot to include a couple of stuffs, especially the thru axle that I need to use… have you ever encountered this?

Thank you

Two questions:

First: is it possible they are already on the trainer as the default option?

Second: have you contacted whoever sold the unit to you and notified them?

Thank you for your answer.
The default adapters are the one used for the quick release.
I’ve contacted Tacx as I bought it directly from them… The free ring and the free hub body spacers are also missing. It’s really disappointing to discover that when you buy expense products like this


I feel with you and understand your disappointment and frustration - I would have gone close to insane :wink:
But… When you get the Neo up and running you will be the happiest Zwifter on earth. I’m on a old Neo1 and it is just awesome and makes me smile every time I ride it :grinning: