Tacx Neo Bike

Well… that didn’t take long.
Been after the Tacx bike for a while and watching the “In stock Mid July” for two weeks now :rofl: :rofl:

Happened to be up at 1am on the 20th and boom it changed to “In stock”.

Ordered and its on its way…
Just looked today and its out of stock again… I wonder how many units they had?

Enjoy! I love mine

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You’re lucky. I ordered my bike on Thursday, was told it would be shipped on Friday but it’s still saying awaiting shipment and now they are out of stock. Currently still awaiting a reply from customer services. I seriously hope they aren’t going to keep hold of my money until the next batch arrives in a few weeks time :frowning:

I couldn’t find the Tacx Bike anywhere - late last week, I did find the Wahoo KICKR bike at a London retailer and a very local retailer. Suffice to say, Saturday was a good day :grinning:

Yeah, I set up a website watch thing on Chrome so it bleeped me when the order page changed to in stock.
But it just happened that I checked anyway… According to TNT it will be delivered today! :slight_smile:

I saw the Wahoo Kickr in stock at a few places… I think the Zwift shop as well… Looks great but I just wasn’t too fussed about the up and down feature so held out for the Tacx

Mine said Awaiting shipment for 3 days I think.
Once you’ve bought it they place the order with the Netherlands where it ships from.
I got an email to say the order had been allocated and shipping details to follow… but yeah, like you I was concerned that loads had ordered and it was a lottery to see who had got in first.

Hi Pete, still no news on my dispatch date. I gave Zwift a bit of grief as wasn’t receiving much in the way of communication. Apparently they are still awaiting a response from the Dutch warehouse (Tacx themselves I assume) and have given me a small partial refund as a goodwill gesture. I guess it’s just a case of sitting tight now and hoping i don’t have to wait until “late August” to get it

That’s pretty good getting some money back… anything back is nice :slight_smile:
I have to say the customer service email people were fantastic with me as I reckon I was annoying the sh*t out of them every other day :smiley:

I got the bike yesterday and assembled… it’s a lovely piece of equipment. Came with drink bottle, towel, sweat catcher…
the gear changing feels good too… very responsive to resistance changes but in a natural way.

Loving it so far.

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