Smart turbo bikes

Hi, I am in the market for a smart turbo bike. Just wonder if you think any updates are likely. Just the current wahoo kickr bike and the Tacx neo bike have been around a few years and was wondering if they are due an update. Or if it is like the Zwift bike will be realistically be release any time soon

Well the Zwift bike is certainly the rumor. Zwift has hardware on sale now so they may be clearing out for self-branded stock. Question is: Do you want to be an early adopter?? When Zwift cannot update to fix a bug without introducing 3 more bugs?? Zwift Shows Off Zwift Ride Smartbike & Zwift Wheel Hardware Designs | DC Rainmaker

In addition to the Tacx and Wahoo bikes are the Watt Atom and Stages SB20. The Stages was on sale recently for under $2K…not sure if it still is. If in Europe might be another option or two such as the TrueKinetix TrueBike.

Thanks, the Tacx is now reduced to around 1,700 which is a good discount. Just worried they are reducing their stock as new model is about to be released

Tacx has made iterative updates to the NEO Bike since release - it’s already more like a version 1.5 of the bike.

Internally, there are powertrain changes (belt tensioner?). Externally, the most visible change are the “bear-paw” cranks similar to the Kickr Bike to address pedal installation issues. (no more fiddly spacers - just pick the hole for your desired crank length)

I set family up with one recently and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it - it’s built like a tank. Bonus: much like the NEO line, it’ll operate without external power.

I’m much less confident about the Kickr Bike - people report all kinds of issues with the electronics requiring parts (or whole bike) swaps.


I think Stages has ironed whatever issues they had. The thread has been pretty quiet except Zwift has not implemented visible gears/changes or something.

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Twenty thousand kilometers and almost 2 years on a Stages Bikes between me and my spouse. Some of the first one’s shipped had bad flywheels. Stages sent certified techs to people’s homes to replace them. That issue is ancient history at this point. The SB20s are built to commercial studio bike specs and are rock solid. DC Rainmaker’s comment on the Stages bike, “You will be pedaling this bike well into the next century.” (Or something to that effect.).

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Just spent almost a century with Stages support Europe to get mine replaced… Bike is awesome, Stages support made sure that I’ll never touch any Stages product again :-1:


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Just purchased the stages S20 bike - 75 kg and rock solid - never had an issue with linking to bluetooth and has numerous usb ports for tablets and phone - with double bluetooth connectors - very stiff for sprinting will not move at all no matter what power you throw at it. 45 kg fly wheel which when using pace partrners ideal for rolling down the hills without chasing as I used to weighting 53kg

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