Change World after Event

At the start of the winter season I invested in an Apple TV setup for my man cave - with the intention of making everything wire-free - which works really well aside from one frustration with Zwift.

After every event that I do, it automatically wants to swap worlds (irrespective of which world I’ve chosen to ride in prior to entering the event). It’s really annoying that after finishing an event, I effectively have 1min 30s to unclip and get hold of my remote (which is over by the TV) to carry on my ride and do a cool down.

It’d be a simple fix to just move the remote to within arms reach but there’s no easily accessible place for me to put the remote and there’s no way to select to stay in the same world on the mobile link app, that I have on my handlebars.

If Zwift still had the option to change worlds at the end of events it’d be great - I just wish it’d default to select the current world that you’re already riding in!

Perhaps there’s a way to change this that I’m not aware of?

It is handy to have the remote close by, how about something like this.

I have a silicone case for my remote as it’s a slippery devil at the best of times. This has a strap which hooks neatly over the hoods.

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Do you wear a cycling jersey when you ride? Put the remote in the back pocket.

Or use some decent bib tights and stick it in the radio pocket :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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And if you don’t want to spend money. Duckt tape and an empty bottle can work.