Change gender

I am currently a male rider, but I am a female.How do I change it?? 


Not sure why people are down-voting you here. My wife noticed her avatar “changed to a man” recently. Upon closer inspection, it’s just that her head is now shaved under her helmet!?

In fact, if she is wearing the bandana or any helmet, her hair vanishes. Choosing different hair styles or colors doesn’t seem to help.

Only way to really get her hair back is to take her helmet off…

I’m thinking a bug in this past release.

Hi Anne, 

I just answered your ticket that you submitted, but also wanted to post here so that everyone else can read it.  

There are multiple female haircuts in game including a messy bun, ponytail and braid. These choices can be a little difficult to find because when you’re choosing hair you can only really see the back once you’re looking at the whole avatar, not just the tiny squares at the bottom.

If you’re looking, the more feminine hairstyles are towards the front half of the choices. 

Hope that helps! 

Unfortunately it is all short hairstyles even at the front of the choices.  There are no braids, buns or longer ones that others are seeing. Other ideas?