Female Hair Choices

Is there more options for female hair choices on your Avatar? All I can see are very short hair options. Any long hair? Braids? Pontytails etc. What am I missing?

Hi Taran, welcome to the forum!

I’ve never seen the female hair options, but there’s the same issue with the men’s hair. There is not a single ‘masculine’ hair option other than shaved.

All of the others are excessively over-the-top hipster styled and/or very effeminate. No buzz cuts, short-back-and-sides, etc. i.e. male hair for your male avatar!

I know it’s not very “modern” or “progressive”, but some of us still believe that genders exist.

Can we have more gendered hairstyles for both genders? Even better would be to have all hair options for both genders so everyone feels included, but surely a buzz cut and a pony tail can’t be too hard for the old-fashioned amongst us?!

This, but no buzz cut?!

Even my avatar looks annoyed that he’s got that on! :rofl:

That’s hilarious. :rofl:

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I agree its quite entertaining too.

I’ve had an issue like you have, when I was trying to find out some solutions for making some hairstyles for my mod of this game, but recently, two months ago I’ve searched and found this website, that helped me a lot with ideas about haircuts and hairstyles as well, cause they are real from real hair dressers.