Challenge & Badge issue

So today I completed the climb Mt. Everest challenge and now it says that I’m only 17% complete and that I’ve climber 29185/164042ft has anyone else run into this. I’ve also ridden for the past 20 straight days with my shortest ride being 6 miles or 48 minutes but I still haven’t received my Working from home badge am I doing something wrong for that? I appreciate any insight anyone can give me.

When you climb the height of Mt Everest you unlock the Emonda bike, but are still a ways away from getting the Tron which is the full challenge. So you’ve unlocked one bike, but you’re 17% of the way towards the Tron. It’s a confusing point for a lot of people.

Not sure what’s going on with the working from home badge however.

Contact support about WFH

Hi @Joshua_Lynch

As others may have mentioned, the Climb Mt Everest Challenge goes in phases which initially takes you to the top of the mountain, and then extends into the stratosphere before the Concept Z1 Bike can be unlocked – most Zwifters call it the “Tron” bike but our staff is not allowed to refer to it as that due to copyright reasons. I’m sure Disney won’t approve.

You can find more info in this article if you want to know more about how the challenge works.

Also, Paul is 100% correct. You would be advised to contact Zwift support. Our team can take a closer look at your account to explore the possibility of crediting you for any missing badge you otherwise should have earned.

You can reach us here.

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