CEVA Z Approval questions

Hello, I am an 18 year old cyclist (60kg) who has been training and racing for three years. In my first Zwift race I finished, I checked the results on Zwift power to find I was disqualified for averaging 5w/kg (used a Pioneer power meter in this race and watched the power from my Kickr during the race on my Garmin, they both read identical numbers) for the ~27 minute race. I have done three 5w/kg 20 minute efforts across three different power meters (Garmin Vector 3, Computrainer, and a Pioneer power meter. Is there a simple way to get the approval? I am happy to share data from training peaks and or Strava to CEVA Z officials to get the necessary qualification. I enjoy Zwift racing but it is frustrating being disqualified (didn’t even win, got 2nd) and the guy who out sprinted me to the line did not get disqualified because he averaged 4.6w/kg. Any help would be appreciated.

ZADA/CEVA Z is dead. Zwift hasn’t taken up the reigns still so we made made a ZwifTranspancy group on Facebook. It’s 100% volunteer but there are a lot of people that believe in honesty in sport, even if it’s eSport.

Maybe someday Zwift will join this movement to clean up their racing.