Cervélo Gravel Rush

This looks like fun! Except is it really only available 2AM MDT? Will there be more events scheduled for people who don’t have insomnia in the US?

Hi @Kris_Kilton

I’m seeing 5 different times per stage on Zwifthacks.


I didn’t see any listed yet in the companion app, too far into the future I think.

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As Mike says, there seem to be plenty of events at various times.

Here’s a link that should just show these events: https://zwifthacks.com/app/events/?key=5e7399ffd674a

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Still not the greatest options for Mountain time zone, but pretty good for Eastern time zone.

Thanks, didn’t know that site existed

I participated in the Gravel Rush groupride yesterday, and I was expecting to receive the Cervelo kit, but still nothing in my inventory… Anyone with the same issue?


Hi @Jurek_J, welcome to the forums!

Most of the time you need to log back in and spawn into the game after finishing the event for the new items to appear in your garage, have you been back on since finishing the event?

Same here, checked this morning in my garage and no Cervelo Kit. Anyone ???

No Cervelo Kit for me either, I have submitted a support ticket.

Fun ride but I busted a spoke on my wheel while doing it. I did not think that was possible while on the trainer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It’s worth bearing in mind that sometimes jerseys can take a few days to be awarded, or even after the whole series has concluded.

Normally when that’s the case there’s some copy about “in-game rewards will appear in riders garages by insert date here”, but I don’t see anything like that on the Event page. So the assumption is “immediate” unlocking.

Did you get an email saying you’d completed the requirements and unlocked the kit? I haven’t ridden one of these yet, so don’t have any personal experience to compare.

Same here: I did the ride and received an email but still no kit.
I plan on riding some other events, so I will wait to see if it shows up later.

Same here. Got the e-mail, no kit.

Same here; no kit in my garage

Same here, rode stage 1 Thursday evening 20:10 Belgian time, got a confirmation mail that i completed the stage, but after 2 days, 3 rides and multiple logins, still no new jersey in my garage. I know of several other people having the same problem. And in fact, I don’t know anyone who received the jersey…

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Rode the second stage earlier today, and received my jersey :slight_smile:

Same here, received mine after riding stage 2.

Didn’t see mine until tonight, two rides past my Gravel Rush Rd 2 ride (the only one I’ve done). Or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention :man_shrugging:t4:. I actually thought this was the prize for huffing it up Alpe de Zwift tonight! Good thing I came across this. I forgot they gave a jersey for completing the Gravel Rush ride. Cool looking jersey. Ride On and good health to everyone!

Hi, I’ve done a few of theses and seem to have received a ranking increase in one about nothing in #3. As these are races is there an ability to gain points/ranking and if so when will this happen for event 3?