Event Results Seem Wrong

Below is the results I saw when I finished a Cervelo Canada Cup ride this week.  The course was the Greatest London Loop (25.9 km, 357 m elevation gain).  The top 12 finishers look strange to me.  They have very fast times despite having very average watts and W/Kg.  The top finisher apparently had an average speed of about 88 km/h despite having W/Kg of 2.9 and average watts of 233.  The finishers from 13 down have averages watts almost twice as good but much worse times.

Does anyone know how this can happen?


That person join in late, would be my Bet. I would have to look at zwiftpower.

Hi David

The Zwift initial screen snapshot of race results is not an accurate portrayal of what the final results will be once analysed.

ZwiftPower does a whole load of other calculations based on many variables.

The problem comes down to many riders in different countries racing on different servers each with their hardware set up slightly different. As you can imagine a few seconds difference between servers makes for a major headache for programmers.

Zwiftpower along with others are trying to bring all data in-line using a variety of methods.

To get a more accurate version of race results you need to check ZwiftPower :slight_smile:

Just fyi, when I finished the Cervelo Cup ride today there were a few names that had tons of repeated entries on the results summary. Not sure if was a glitch in the results or people trying game their entries (if that’s even possible) but something to watch out for.

Hi Dennis

Seems like this could be bug Dennis - Over the last few days, I have noticed some entries are repeated too.

I’m confident Zwift will be working on it :slight_smile:

Ride On!

Hi Dennis

I saw the repeated names too.  Actually I got a picture of it.  Take a look.

I’m pretty sure it is a software bug.  When I switched to the results from the A group then switched back (forcing it to reload the window) the duplicate names disappeared.

Also, I did not get a jersey unlock. I could not select A or B category using iOS, but rode the B distance and passed under the FINISH banner 2x. Any clue on how to select Category on iOS in game (if not using the Mobile Link app?)