Certain camera angles when 'Just Watching' produce grey screen [1.13.0] [May 19 2021]

Anyway, a bug report.

Just watching someone and the screen suddenly went all grey and minimap went black. The game is still running and if I use cameras 3/7/8/9/0 everything is normal. But on the other cameras it’s just all grey. Never seen this before.

Edit: screenshot here

Win10/i3-4160/GTX 960.

@Dave_ZPCMR Thanks for the bug report! We’ve written up a ticket for this issue and passed it along for further investigation.
Thanks again!


This morning while leading the Pacific Sprintapalooza ride I had a weird bug happen that I’ve never seen.

I clicked on the rider list to see who was up the road (we had more flyers than usual) and when I clicked back to view myself, my camera view just showed a flat grey/blue color filling the screen… I couldn’t see any riders or the world. All the HUD elements were there. Here’s a pic:

Clicking around, I discovered view 2 did the same thing, but view 3 worked fine. Super weird. Here’s a video I made so you can see it: Camera View 1 and 2 Bug - YouTube

More info:

  • I’m not the only one experiencing this. One of the riders on that ride said this had happened on another Makuri Islands ride he was on recently. And one of the riders on my ride had the same thing happen to him, at a different time than I did (but at a similar place in the course, possibly… in the Castle Area, around the marketplace…)
  • It carried over to other rides. I saved my ride and started a new one in Watopia, and the same camera views were broken. I restarted Zwift and my PC and everything worked fine again.
  • Other stuff was wacky on the ride I led - not sure if they’re related. Some people said they didn’t see my beacon or the fence, while others saw it.

Anyway… hope that helps you track down the bug.

Sounded familiar, then I realised I’ve seen this before.

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Looks like your screenshot was on Makuri Islands too, right?

Yup, very similar symptoms as the previous bug, so I’m going to merge this into that earlier thread.

This issue hasn’t been closed out yet, so I’m going to bump that ticket with this report. Thanks @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn for the detailed documentation, those are always appreciated.

Yup, couple of days after it was first released.