Just watch problem

(Tena Heffernan) #1

When I am in “Just Watch” mode, I am brought to a point outside of the riding area and cannot see any people.  I have attached a screen shot to clarify.  How do I get to where I can see riders?

(Tena Heffernan) #2

Well, I tried to attach a screen shot, but looks like it didn’t take.

(Claude De Vetter) #3

Have been looking for that as well. It’s pretty simple; click on the name of another rider in the right panel and the camera will switch to him :wink:


(Lindsay Ruppert) #4

Hey Tena.

Your screenshot did appear, and I have an explanation. Our background shot appears onscreen when you select fan view until you ‘hear’ from another rider in the world, at which point it switches to them for the viewing. You are not receiving data from any other players in the world, which is causing the game to remain on the background.

There are a few things that could be causing that issue, but without more information it is hard to say specifically what is happening. The next time it happens, press the 1 key on your keyboard. Can you see other players in the list on the right, and if not, do you see text reading ‘+ (x) more’ underneath your name in the list?

(Tena Heffernan_Z57+) #5

Hi Lindsey.  I figured this out.  I just need to change my view once I get in to the view mode.