Cateye ISC-11 Tire Slippage

Any update on fixing the known issue with false tire slippage warnings when using the Cateye ISC-11?  It’s extremely frustrating (and embarrassing when riding with others) and has been over a month now.  Thanks.

I would really like to know whats happening on this as well because I also have this issue and it is really driving me nuts. Failing workout segments because of a bug is pretty frustrating and to be honest here I’m getting pretty pissed that I am seeing that warning all the time.

Please find a fix, give us a update or patch in a way for us to turn off slip detection.



If we can not get Swift to give a update I think all us cateye users should start opening support tickets. One way or another we should get a update. 

Solution to tire slipping.

I rubbed automotive fan belt anti-slip solution on my tire and it stopped slipping. Takes a few minutes but works great!