Category enforcement problem


It backs my theory up. Zwift runs a bit in the opposite of reality, where having the better ratio usually is ideal. Well, not necessarily Zwift itself. People prefer keep their weight a little high in order to not be upgraded.

Well… for me would be a honor to be forced to run “A”. It’d mean I’m in good shape, my main goal.

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Alex - the issue is that categories are on w/kg - so more weight reduces w/kg, down to lower category someone goes. I’m absolutely working on more power. Not really doing any threshold riding, really any above zone 2 for more than 30 seconds.
My real racing is BMX, which really IS about watts far more than w/kg, with the start being downhill.

That being said - most people can increase watts without necessarily increasing weight.



I completed a Chasing race as a Cat C rider and placed 13th in 1:14:51 according to the Zwift Companion app. In the Zwift Power, it changed me to Cat B, added 8 mins to my time (1:22:50), and listed me as 44th! What’s up with this? I am, at best, a mid Cat C rider. Zwift lists me as Cat C as well. I’ve not been over 3w/kg in anything over 20 mins in the last 90 days. How can Zwift Power just arbitrarily add on time to race results? I use a HR monitor, and have a smart trainer as well. Sketchy!

@Jam_Master_Jay ? link the id ?

How do you figure out your Zwift ID?

Looks like this is my ID. 3952854(Verified)

@Jam_Master_Jay they do what is call Zwiftracing app. it look to me that would put you into the B class.

this is not Zwift CE

RIDERS — Chasing Tour 2023 your name. it said B to.

Weird! Even on that Chasing Tour 2023 link you provived, it says my time was 1:14:50, however in the results they added 8 mins to my official time 1:22:50. Seems bogus when a mid Cat C rider like me is penalized for no apparent reason. This has happened in these Chasing races before as well with no explanation. Guess I’ll just ignore the ZwiftPower app results and stick to the Zwift Companion apps which list results correctly. Thanks for checking into this for me.

If it helps, you currently have a vELO rating of 1407. Anything between 1200 and 1800 places you in B Gold for Chasing Tour events. After your first Chasing Tour race you are cat locked for the entire 90 race season. A 60 second time penalty is applied every time you enter the wrong cat, multiplying per offence, ie, eight times in the incorrect cat 8 min penalty.


Category Enforcement makes it easy to know which pen to enter because your minimum pen is always the same as your category. But not all races are designed that way, and this is one of them. You need to read the race description of the Chasing Tour races to understand which pen to enter, since it’s not necessarily the same as your category. One clue you can use to tell is that all of the pens will be open to you when you sign up (even D). That tells you it’s not a Category Enforcement race. I’m sure you’re not the only person confused by this. Always read the race descriptions.

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Thanks for the clarification, Alec. I had no idea I was registering in the wrong Category.

Jason Holowka

Ok. Thanks for the clarification, Paul.

Jason Holowka

Does anyone actually know how CE works, cos sure AF I don’t!!!

Three riders, but only 1 of them is Cat A.
Which one would you think is Cat A of the 3?
And why aren’t the other 2 Cat A?

The relationship btwn zFTP and 30 minute power on that third rider looks very strange :thinking:

Rider 1 is Cat A, because their W/kg is the only one over the Cat A threshold of 4.2 W/kg.

See httpx:// for a full explanation

Going with the 5w/kg 20 min rider.

5-12 min power function to lower zFTP, so the higher those are the lower the zFTP.

most likely only Cat A is the last picture…Rider 1 is under 250W Watt Floors for A and 2nd picture his zMAP is most likely under 5.1Wkg

Rider A wouldn’t be A cat because their zFTP is below the 250 watt floor.

Rider B is 4.11w/kg so they are below the 4.2 w/kg limit so should be cat B too.

Rider C is only 3.48w/kg so is cat B.

All three should be cat B based on zFTP / weight or watt floor limits.

So if one of them is cat A it would be based on their zMAP which isn’t shown publicly.

Is rider a S.A?

it doesn’t work like that everytime…it depends on the Power curve from 15mins up also