Category enforcement problem

It doesn’t, you are right. I ask you the other day did you have google sheet for it. I wanted to try to out 100w/kg 3 min and 1 for 12 min. Is does it have a hard limit to the top that you auto become cat A

Forgot about the power floor!

I expect rider B is Cat A, probably yourself and possibly zMAP is just over 5.1 w/kg.

Their 20 minute power is 5 w/kg! :rofl:

Are we really saying that their power curve drops off by 1.5w/kg btwn 20 and (say) 40 minutes? Really? I suspect that’s not realistic.

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Think slowly people are longing back to the simple 20m categories in the absence of result based cats… Screenshot above is hard to explain to anyone. Categorizing people just got significantly worse over the last year.

Keep in mind that categories you see on ZwiftPower are not always up to date. You may find a rider whose category is listed as B, but category enforcement will require them to enter A in their next event, and then their profile would be updated as well. It’s unfortunate that this information is not automatically made current as soon as CE changes their minimum category.

another less likely possibility is that ride was a one off on miscalibrated equipment that he applied to have nulled by zwift staff. it would stay visible on their zp account unless they wiped his history (or put an ERROR tag on the event he did it in, not sure if they do that)

in hindsight i hope zwift see that as well but suspect it’s way too late to go back to zp cats.

CE to determine categories has been a failure in my book all we’ve done is spent 18 months talking about why this cat or that cat for no real gain. roll on a proper ranking system or we might as well go back to zp.

Check out this B with a vELO rating of 2275


I know who’s winning my ZRL race tonight.

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Lots of issues with CE for sure, but I still think it’s overall better than the prior 95% of 20min power in a world where almost nobody ever does a full 20min effort.

there is that side it’s better but given the amount of confusion i see on a daily basis i’m so bored with talking ce might as well go back to zp. Most the people that were gaming the zp cats also have a fairly good idea what to do with ce now to stay within category and keep winning.

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It would have been interesting to experience pen enforcement without CE and see how that affected race experience. A lot of the problem with the pre-CE regime was lack of pen enforcement so you had As showing up in D pen and not caring about the DQ because they still got to race as they pleased. No need to even sign up for ZwiftPower so you just see the win in the Companion results and that’s the end.


what a unit. even his power profile looks like a stack of eleiko plates


Either CE or ZP with category enforcement and at least double the number of categories i.e 8 or 10 (with the option of merging categories when numbers are low) would be better than the current system.

It wouldn’t be somewhat challenging to be the rider behind him in a TTT :grinning:.

i will repeat myself again…this riders with High Wattage can be upgraded with current Category Enforcement it just needs to add Compound Score.
His Score is 2465 so he would be comfortable in PEN A in VirtuSlo Events.

Come on Race organizers jump on and use it.

PEN → zFTP W/kg / zMAP Wkg / Compound Score (5min Wkg * 5min Watts)
Pen A - > 4.2 W/kg / > 5.1 W/kg / > 2000
Pen B - > 3.8 W/kg / > 4.6 W/kg / > 1650
Pen C - > 3.36 W/kg / > 4.1 W/kg / > 1350
Pen D - > 2.9 W/kg / > 3.6 W/kg / > 1100
Pen E - < 2.9 W/kg / < 3.6 W/kg / < 1100


that’s a good idea. Might use that next crit series in a few weeks. Would be nice if the Zwift UI gave a bit more detail as it will likely cause confusion for people why they can’t reg in a certain cat.


Put this info on TOP of Description…but i agree the UI should show more info.

True but lets me honest not many read descritions it really needs a pop up or something when you click on a cat to show you why you can’t sign up. Hopefully zomething zwift can improve as it would made the use of variable cats a lot easier.


I have been talking about this kind of situations for ages.

If we have a distribution curve, where a guy with 440+ W @ 20min would land?

It makes no sense that this guy isn´t on the top cat.