Category Enforcement Glitch

Unfortunately the system lacks the kind of transparency that would let you know how the decision was made and verify that it’s correct. Hopefully that will change someday.


You can compare Ryan and my profile…when you check the numbers 15s,1m,5m and 20min we have almost the same W/kg…but when you compare our 7 to 12min powers there is almost 0,5W/kg difference. I believe that he will be back in B in no time…cause CE category can change daily.


Bear in mind that any ride on Zwift can affect CE. It might have even been a workout that did it, for example.

Dont think they look at workout. they did not at the start. maybe they add that in.

Zwift staff have said that CE looks at every ride


I mean, it does depend when the power that pushed Ryan over the limit occurred. If it was like a month ago, then it will be another 30 days, but if it was recently, it will be like a month and a half.

He’s a growing boy. He just needs to eat his vegetables and put on a few kilos and the w/kg should go down.


@Ryan_Nickerson_CRYO we have an estimated CP for you of 252w, which will put you into A given your current weight.

Looking at the power curve for what is likely the event in question, you held over that for the first 11 minutes after which there was a sharp decline - the system believed that you could have held that level of power for longer.


I think it’s because his power curve is so flat from 3-10 mins. @Ryan_Nickerson_CRYO I bet if you go and do a pair of really big 3 and 5 min efforts you’ll drop a category. Currently your 5 min is only 3W more than 10 min and even 3 min is only 10W more! This is not realistic.