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On November 12, 2021 I bought myself a new intelligent training base, a direct drive model Saris H3 because my other base a Tacx Vortex was defective. Before I realized it was flawed my performance was skewed and I went from class C to B but since I got my new base my performance dropped drastically to that of a C so I’m a C, but the system hasn’t dropped me from category yet.

January 11, 2022 starts the 2nd season of ZRL league racing and I don’t believe the Zwiftpower system will take me down from category before 11th, so I ask you and hope you take me down from category to C before 11th because otherwise I couldn’t race in category C.

I want to keep the statistics I had in B, but please just put me back in category C and I will continue my performances and statistics in C, presently I made the change manually in my settings of ZwiftPower but I prefer if it was the ZwiftPower system that make the change.

Thank you

Hi @Daniel_Roy_CCC, welcome to the forums.

You can send a message to to request a change based on a trainer upgrade, however, they may reset all your data. I don’t recall if they will be able to keep your past race history in tact?

Please see this thread:

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