Cascade Fluid Pro trainer

Hi guys,

I’d love to see the CASCADE FLUID PRO trainer added to ZWIFT. I’ve been using this trainer with trainerroad and the sufferfest app (with virtual power) and would really love to add ZWIFT to my indoor cycling arsenal.

It may be of interest to you that I recently got the sufferfest app guys to add the trainer using the power curve data directly from Cascade which was really quickly done- I am hoping it will be the same for you guys at ZWIFT :wink:




Hi Graham,

Thanks for writing in! I’ve added the request to our list of future trainers to look into.

Is there have any feedback for Cascade fluid pro trainer?

Thanks to Zwift for adding the Cascade Fluid Pro. It works really well. I like having the virtual power on-screen and workouts and have already noticed an improvement.

To: P J. Daly KISS

Are those wireless sensors provided by Cascade Fluid Pro connected by Bluetooth??

I have difficulty to connect them. Any suggestion? 

Hi Alfie, I’m using ANT+ speed/cadence and heart rate sensors and a Garmin USB ANT+ stick

I think you will need ANT+ sensors as the sensors that come with the cascade fluid pro power won’t pair with zwift. I have it set up now and have noticed that the zpower watts reading and the watts reading from the cascade fluid pro power trainer are very different. I would say they are about 35% different consistently with zpower always being lower. So if I’m doing 200w on zpower the cascade fluid pro power cycle computer is saying about 270w.

I am using the correct tyre size and pressure and warming the trainer up first and still can’t get them close to each other.

Any ideas zwift?