Ascent Fluid Trainer?

(Keith Ferris) #1

I have a Ascent Fluid Trainer that I purchased from Nashbar. It’s a nice trainer but I don’t see a profile for it on Zwift. Any idea what the closest thing to it would be from the ones listed? Thanks in advance.

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #2

Unfortunately, your classic trainer is not compatible with zPower yet, so we recommend using an ANT+ power meter with it. Alternatively, you can pair your speed/cadence sensor and select the “Not Listed” trainer option - while it won’t give accurate readings, you’ll be able to ride.


(Keith Ferris) #3

I actually got this response to a ticket I submitted and it works pretty good as far as I can tell

“Thanks for contacting us.

Can you try using the Ascent as a Travel Trac Comp Fluid? From a lot of reports, it’s the exact same trainer but with a different name. You do not need to use the “Not Listed” option.

Thanks! Let me know how it goes.

Ride on.
Dave Sparks”

(Ryan Tomlinson) #4

I will verify that these do appear to be the exact same trainers with different branding. I too have the ascent trainer and am using lezyne flow sensors. It appears to be working with a decent degree of accuracy. Using the “other/non-supported trainer” option makes you really slow.