Ascent Fluid Trainer?

I have a Ascent Fluid Trainer that I purchased from Nashbar. It’s a nice trainer but I don’t see a profile for it on Zwift. Any idea what the closest thing to it would be from the ones listed? Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, your classic trainer is not compatible with zPower yet, so we recommend using an ANT+ power meter with it. Alternatively, you can pair your speed/cadence sensor and select the “Not Listed” trainer option - while it won’t give accurate readings, you’ll be able to ride.


I actually got this response to a ticket I submitted and it works pretty good as far as I can tell

“Thanks for contacting us.

Can you try using the Ascent as a Travel Trac Comp Fluid? From a lot of reports, it’s the exact same trainer but with a different name. You do not need to use the “Not Listed” option.

Thanks! Let me know how it goes.

Ride on.
Dave Sparks”

I will verify that these do appear to be the exact same trainers with different branding. I too have the ascent trainer and am using lezyne flow sensors. It appears to be working with a decent degree of accuracy. Using the “other/non-supported trainer” option makes you really slow.

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