Elite Volare Fluid ElastoGel Trainer

(Jarvis Chau) #1

I have the Elite Volare Fluid ElastoGel trainer, I know it is a bit old but I don’t want to spend the extra cash on getting a new one when I barely use this. The question is, does anyone know the power curve of this trainer or which trainer should I select in Zwift? Would selecting the Elite Fluid Red Roller (Triangular resistance unit) be a close enough match? 

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #2

Hi Jarvis - Unfortunately, your Elite Volare Fluid ElastoGel trainer is not compatible with zPower, so we recommend using an ANT+ power meter with it. Alternatively, you can pair your speed/cadence sensor and select the “Not Listed” trainer option - while it won’t give accurate readings, you’ll be able to ride.  This will at least give you a chance to try Zwift out with the equipment you have to see if investing in a supported trainer is something that would be beneficial to you.